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ça reste moins cher que Github ^^ <>
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Why I Migrated This Website From Symfony To Laravel

It's been exactly a week since I migrated this website from Symfony to Laravel. I had never done such a migration before and feared the pitfalls waiting for me. The migration itself was easy and swift. It took me 2 trips on Lisbon trains, one afternoon i

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A terminal workspace with batteries included

<> équivalent de screen ou tmux plus moderne (et avec une petite ui pour se rappeler des raccourcis)
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Fix your Laravel exceptions with AI

Take advantage of OpenAI to enhance your Laravel error pages with AI-powered solutions.

By red - - PHP-Système The open source monitoring platform. is the open source monitoring platform that gives you the visibility you need.

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Your wiki, docs & projects. Together.

A new tool that blends your everyday work apps into one. It's the all-in-one workspace for you and your team. se met également à l'IA en menu contextuel en proposant des améliorations d'un texte ou génération d'un nouveau :
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Let's build a Chrome extension that steals everything

Today's adventure: DIY whole hog data exfiltration

Ahah ça change des articles sur comment protéger là c’est comment tout piquer mais très précis <>
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Visiblement de grosses amélio

Visiblement de grosses améliorations pour que le fingerprint de chrome headless « ressemble » à celui de chrome normal ? >
Baserow et NocoDB, deux alternatives open source à Airtable

Le modèle exclusivement SaaS d'Airtable et ses limites techniques peuvent conduire à choisir des alternatives open source. Dans ce domaine, deux solutions ressortent sur le marché.

On n'est jamais mieux servis que par soi-même donc : <>
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Sloth - Mac app that shows all open files and sockets

Sveinbjörn's personal website. Also some open source software stuff.

(mac only) App open source (wrapper de `lsof` mais plus clair) pour voir ses fichiers, sockets, pipes ... ouverts : <>
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Google publishes new link best practices

This help document went from basics on crawlable links to a much more robust link best practices.

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Web Push for Web Apps on iOS and iPadOS

With iOS and iPadOS 16.4 beta 1 comes support for Web Push for Home Screen web apps, Badging API, Manifest ID, and more.

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CCM Benchmark Group

si tu as accès à notre 1pass les infos sont dedans (compte <|>)
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Build and Run Synthetics That Scale

Monitoring as Code workflow for developers: programmable, fast, reliable.

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Home | StackQL

StackQL is an open-source infrastructure-as-code tool that enables you to deploy, configure, query and operate cloud and SaaS services using SQL.

Ca vous dirait de faire du provisionning à coup de requêtes SQL ^^ ? <>
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