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PHP: rfc:spread_operator_for_array

Vient juste d'être acceptée pour la version 7.4 : <>
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Fichier unique national : stationnement (FUN) -

Fichier Unique National

Hello, un fichier de parkings :wink: : <>
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Symfony 4.3.0-BETA1 released (Symfony Blog)

Symfony 4.3.0-BETA1 has just been released.

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Katie Hempenius on Twitter

“It's finally here! LightWallet adds support for performance budgets to Lighthouse ????Here's everything you need to know to get started.”

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Announcing WSL 2 | Windows Command Line Tools For Developers

WSL 2 is a new architecture that allows for dramatic file system performance and full system call compatibility in WSL using a Linux kernel.

<> wsl2: Microsoft va publier un kernel Linux avec windows ! Docker sera donc dispo a travers ce kernel, in serveur ssh aussi, etc...
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Je mets ça là parce qu'il y

Je mets ça là parce qu'il y a des amateurs de data et des amateurs de kouign amman : <>
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The GraphTech Ecosystem 2019 – Part 2: Graph Analytics - Linkurious

This post is a series of 3 articles about the GraphTech ecosystem. This article covers the graph analytics landscape: frameworks, libraries, query languages

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The GraphTech Ecosystem 2019 - Part 1: Graph Databases - Linkurious

This post is a series of 3 articles about the GraphTech ecosystem, as of 2019. This article is the first part and covers the graph database landscape.

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CSS Transform

CSS3 2D / 3D Transform Functions Visualizer and Playground

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The GraphTech Ecosystem 2019 - Part 3: Graph visualization - Linkurious

This post presents the ecosystem of graph visualization. Read on to find the full list of graph visualization software and graph visualization libraries.

<> cc <@U0319VB5Z> <@U2T6G7ZA4> <@U0319V9SH>
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Search Benchmarking: RediSearch vs. Elasticsearch | Redis Labs

Background RediSearch is a distributed full-text search and aggregation engine built as a module on top of Redis. It enables  users to execute complex search queries on their Redis dataset in an extremely fast manner. The unique architecture of RediSearch

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Sathya Gunasekaran on Twitter

“???? I just shipped Promise.allSettled in Chrome 76 ???? More info:”

Découvrez le Tweet de @_gsathya : <>
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Conseils municipaux : ces Euro

Conseils municipaux : ces Européens qui siègent dans nos mairies - Le Figaro >
Boris Schapira ???? on Twitter

“Everytime I found something dumb in my code, I remember that tech leaders deploy crappy software too. Here's Google, considering a response to be a soft 404 because there's "404" in the URL…”

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Pour l'exploitation des ventes immo opendata, y'a des rapides : <>
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A gradient generator for layering and adding multiple gradients. Create shapes and CSS images using gradients only.

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The CSS Handbook: a handy guide to CSS for developers

I wrote this article to help you quickly learn CSS and get familiar with the advanced CSS topics.

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