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chromeless - ???? Chrome automation made simple. Runs locally or headless on AWS Lambda.

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American Runners Have Never Been Slower (Mega Study) | Running Shoes Reviews

For this Mega Study, we have analyzed 34,680,750 results from 28,732 different races. American race runners are steadily getting slower across all four major race distances – 5 Kilometer, 10 Kilometer, Half Marathon, and Marathon. In this study, we analyz

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Roomba's Next Big Step Is Selling Maps of Your Home to the Highest Bidder

The Roomba is generally regarded as a cute little robot friend that no one but dogs would consider to be a potential menace. But for the last couple of years, the robovacs have been quietly mapping homes to maximize efficiency. Now, the device’s makers pl

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HTTP/2 Server Push on Netlify | Netlify

HTTP/2 server push is a performance optimization included in version 2 of the HTTP protocol. Today, we’re enabling HTTP/2 server push for all our customers who use encrypted connections on their websites.

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Why Is a String Called a String? — SitePoint

Did you know the history of the "string" in computation stretches back all the way to 1944? Come learn why strings are strings, and where they come from!

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Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files

Google Drive is a free way to keep your files backed up and easy to reach from any phone, tablet, or computer. Start with 15GB of Google storage – free.

trick du jour Google Drive (perso ou pro) : pour connaitre les fichiers qui consomment le plus d'espace : <>
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Quand la Suède balance dans la nature les données personnelles de millions de ses citoyens... - Korben

On en sait un peu plus sur la fuite de données qu'a subi la Suède en 2015 et 2 ans plus tard, on peut clairement dire que celle-ci est à classer dans la catégorie des fuites de données "ultra violentes qui piquent++". En 2015, l'Agence Suédoise du Transpo

Ouch ouch ouch <>
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Postgres Query Plan Visualization -

Postgres Explain Visualizer (Pev) is a tool I wrote to make EXPLAIN output easier to grok. It creates a graphical representation of the query plan.

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L'Equipe, premier média français à basculer en "progressive web app"

Le quotidien sportif suit les traces du Financial Times et du Washington Post en optant pour un format qui booste le temps de chargement des pages Web mobile et l'engagement de l'audience.

On s'est fait griller : <>
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DDD-Day 2016 Ne laissez pas les formulaires Symfony influencer votre modèle, par Jeremy Barthe

Diffusion du DDD-Day 2016. Jeremy Barthe choisit de prendre une approche plus pratique du Domain Driven Design, appliquée aux formulaires de Symfony. Comment...

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"La statistique expliquée à

"La statistique expliquée à mon chat" ça s'adresse à monsieur tout le monde mais ça reste sympa :slightly_smiling_face: >
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