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Open PostgreSQL Monitoring

Open PostgreSQL Monitoring is a free software suite designed to help you manage your PostgreSQL servers. It’s a flexible tool that will follow the activity of each instance. It can gather stats, display dashboards...


PHP Streaming and Output Buffering Explained

  . Even though streaming is not a new concept, having it built into the framework to let developers build rapidly responding applications easily is definitely a huge step. As a PHP developer, I...


CLImate · GitHub

via Running PHP from the command line? CLImate is your new best bud. CLImate allows you to easily output colored text, special formats, and more.


If programming languages were weapons

C++ is a set of nunchuks, powerful and impressive when wielded but takes many years of pain to master and often you probably wish you were using something else. Java is a belt fed...


Compass: East Oriented

Programmer avec un design « Compass: East Oriented ». Je ne connaissais pas jusqu’alors et ça va changer ma vision/conception des choses sur pas mal de choses 🙂 DRAFT – A Design Compass: East Oriented is...


Responsive Images – L’arrivée de srcset – Alsacreations

Article par Geoffrey C. (WebDesigner grapilleur de Kiwiz, Strasbourg) Créé le 14 Avril 2014 (743 lectures) Tags : image, performance, responsive, srcset, picture Le gros problème du Responsive Web Design tient probablement dans la...