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“Forgot to share I FINALLY got the mental commands from the @emotiv to work in JavaScript! ???????? Here's a quick example of me pushing a #threejs cube just by thinking about it! #javascript #Nodejs #iot #EEG

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Paper Programs

Run Javascript programs on pieces of paper, using a projector and camera. Physically hold programs in your hand, and see them come to life, as if by magic.

bon allez, on se met tous au papier :P <>
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Get insight into the performance of the website in the current tab - sort of a mini live version of WebPageTest

Extension Chrome - Performance analyser <>
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It is *not* possible to detect and block Chrome headless

An updated example of techniques to avoid detection.

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pineapple mango ghost bot on Twitter

“OMG @nodejs v4.x is end of life in 3 months v6.x is maintenance in 3 months v9.x is end of life in 3 months v10.x is coming out in 3 months Life comes at you fast”

J'hésite avec troll <>
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Making WebAssembly even faster: Firefox’s new streaming and tiering compiler – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog

People call WebAssembly a game changer because it makes it possible to run code on the web faster. Some speedups are already present, and some are yet to come. With ...

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Introducing Prisma ???? – Graphcool Blog

An open-source GraphQL API layer for your database

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Google Sheets - create and edit spreadsheets online, for free.

Create a new spreadsheet and edit with others at the same time -- from your computer, phone or tablet. Get stuff done with or without an internet connection. Use Sheets to edit Excel files. Free from Google.

c’est ajouté dans le fichier <>
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ReactEurope - The original European React.js & Native conference on May 17 & 18 2018 in Paris, France

ReactEurope is back on 17-18 May 2018 to bring you the best and most passionate people from the very core team to the coolest people from the community we love. The conference aims to give talks that inspire and explore new futuristic ideas dealing with a

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Tracking Protection

Starting in version 42, Firefox Desktop and Firefox for Android include built-in tracking protection. In Private Browsing windows (tabs, in Firefox for Android), Firefox will block content loaded from domains that track users across sites.

pour info : <>
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<> avec un peu de troll a la fin
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One vs. many — Why we moved

One vs. many — Why we moved from multiple git repos to a monorepo and how we set it up >

Find the performance impact of adding a npm package to your bundle.

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V8 release v6.4

A blog by the V8 team for JavaScript enthusiast that want to get a glimpse 'under the hood' of Chrome's JavaScript engine.

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I just asked 23,000 developers what they think of JavaScript. Here’s what I learned.

I recently published our results for the 2017 edition of the annual State of JavaScript survey, collected from over 23,000 developers.

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Chrome Developers on Twitter

“❗️❗️❗️ "today’s Windows Insider build enables Service Workers by default in Microsoft Edge for the first time." ❗️❗️❗️ Awesome work @MSEdgeDev ????”

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Paul Irish on Twitter

“Service Workers are ENABLED BY DEFAULT in Safari Technology Preview! ????????”

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Here’s what people in tech had to say about JavaScript when it debuted in 1995

Time and time again JavaScript is crowned the most popular programming language in the World.

<> pas de la veille, de l'archéologie :P (j'aime bien celle de macromedia :P )
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