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Un bench SF2 entre Apache / PHP 5.5 et HHVM / Nginx … devinez qui gagne (bench très simpliste ceci-dit) 😉


From we get the latest (2.4.4) version of Symfony. I have unpacked it and put it in the directory “/home/maurits/public_html”. In “app/AppKernel.php” I moved the “AcmeDemoBundle” to the production section and in “routing.yml” I added the “_acme_demo” route that was originally in “routing_dev.yml”.

I tested on my i5-2300 CPU with 16GB of RAM and an SSD. To run a benchmark, I installed on my Ubuntu 14.04 both Apache 2.4 with PHP 5.5 and Nginx 1.4 with HHVM 3. I used Apache Bench (ab) to test the “/demo” path on both web servers. In Apache, I disabled XDebug and enabled Zend OPcache.

For HHVM, we find pre-built (64-bit) packages listed on Github. This is how you install them on Ubuntu 14.04:

When doing a single request and analyzing the response times using the Firebug “Net” panel there is no noticeable difference. This is probably because the threads do not have to compete for CPU. So let’s skip this and do some load testing.

On both setups, I did not do any optimization. I just installed and ran the benchmark. It seems that Symfony 2.4 on HHVM is about twice as fast as on PHP 5.5. In a real life setup this means you need half the machines. This seem like a good cost reduction at first, but it may not be as good as it looks. I believe that in reality most Symfony applications are doing database and/or API calls. These will not be faster when using HHVM, since HHVM only speeds up PHP execution. This is why I think that the difference will be smaller (than a factor 2) for a real life Symfony application. What do you think?



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