How do project owners use pull requests on Github?


Some advice:

  • Integrators, invest in tools: Streamline your contribution process to make it testable and verifiable, find creative ways to integrate quality analysis tools in your CI process and demand tests along with contributions (your test suite is good, right?). Don’t let pull requests linger; if you don’t want a contribution it is better (for you, mostly) to be frank to the contributor.
  • Contributors, make sure you do your homework: see if there are similar issues/pull requests open before you submit, try to comply to the project’s guidelines and learn your tools. After submitting, be responsive and nice; think that you are working together with a work-overloaded collegue, not a stranger in the other side of the world.

Une étude intéressante sur l’usage des pull requests sur Github :

– version light :

– étude complète :

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