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Graphite sur statsd c’est bien mais pas très sexy quand même (les graphes) 🙂 ceux-ci ont l’air beaucoup mieux, interactifs, et tout et tout ?

The Graphite tree model is hard to organize and query, it lacks information and can be inflexible when building graphs. GE uses a multi-dimensional metric database so that your metrics like

{ server=dfvimeodfs1 plugin=diskspace mountpoint=_srv_node_dfs10 unit=B type=used target_type=gauge }

queries you retrieve metrics, process and organize them into graphs. Graphs are never predefined because there’s no need to hardcode metric names or graphite function calls.

Graph-Explorer converts units for you and derives as needed. E.g. it can render a metric in B(ytes) as an amount of TB, bytes per day, Gibibits per hour, …

Because every metric self-describes its type it knows that for example counters are most useful when derived by default


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