Compass: East Oriented

Programmer avec un design « Compass: East Oriented ».

Je ne connaissais pas jusqu’alors et ça va changer ma vision/conception des choses sur pas mal de choses 🙂

DRAFT – A Design Compass: East Oriented is an article I put together to explore a different way of structuring code for better results. An editor I showed it to said that I had to dumb it down and make it less conversational, so I thought I would post the draft here for your comment.

Procedural code gets information then makes decisions.Object-oriented code tells objects to do things.– Alec Sharp

The structuring of code to an East orientation decreases coupling and the amount of code needed to be written, whilst increasing code clarity, cohesion and flexibility. It is easier to create a good design and structure by simply orienting it East.

Introduction So you want to design, write and refactor code like a seasoned pro but are unsure of what direction to take and how to navigate around pitfalls and obstacles to get the best results? It would be great if there was a design compass that showed the way to a code shangrila where inversion of control, loose coupling, testability, reuse and more are bountiful.

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