Alternatives To MVC


Une série d’articles intéressants (quoiqu’un peu polémiques) sur le modèle MVC, le CRUD, …

Extraits choisis :

CRUD is a well solved problem. We have tools like WordPress and Drupal and Joomla andAlfresco and ExpressionEngine and tons and tons of others.
There are three reasons not to use them:
  1. They don’t fit your use-case
    Then either you’re not just doing CRUD, or you’re lying to yourself about it not fitting your use-case.
  2. You want to learn
    That’s fine, as long as it’s not done in a professional context.
  3. You’re an elitist
    You think you’re too good to use an existing tool.

The Real Problem

The real problem is that we really have 3 classes of developers:
  • 75% Use CMS’s
    Even if what they are doing is more suited to custom development.
  • 24% Use Custom Code (based on a framework or not)
    Even if they should use a CMS.
  • 1% Use Both
    They pick the right tool for the job.


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